What We Offer
Thousands of new items arrive at Treasure Hunt stores weekly.

What We Offer

Who Are We?

It is all in the name…Treasure Hunt. We offer leading private label and name brand merchandise as well as first quality clothing and home décor at prices much less than retail. At Treasure Hunt, you can stretch your dollar further and still go home with the same high-quality merchandise you can find at the mall or with other famous retailers. With incredible deals on today’s leading name brand merchandise and clothing, who could turn down a treasure hunt?

Why Are Our Prices So Low?

Our buyers travel the country purchasing inventories from insurance salvage claims, manufacturer’s buybacks and closeouts, bankruptcies and retail overstocks. We find value where others don’t and turn supplier’s problems into great opportunity for our customers.

What Kind of Things Will You Find at Treasure Hunt?

Thousands of new items arrive at Treasure Hunt stores weekly. Our merchandise can vary from store to store, week to week, yet you will always find name brand merchandise at extreme values. You may find leading private label, name brand bedding, clothing and home décor in styles currently featured at other retailers, and on occasion find entire drug store, furniture store or bookstore inventories as well.  So if you’re a price conscious shopper on a budget, Treasure Hunt is definitely the place to be.  If you can’t find what you are looking for at Treasure Hunt, you may find it at Dirt Cheap!

What you won’t find at Treasure Hunt is used, worn or passed down merchandise. Treasure Hunt sells first quality, private label and name brand merchandise.

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